Monday, 20 June 2016

How you can make someone unfollow you on Twitter

This trick is known as a "soft block", and it comes handy when someone’s annoying you on Twitter and you really do not want to block him. You have a few options for dealing with annoying accounts.
Block, which prevents them seeing your tweets.
Mute, which stops you seeing their tweets and replies to you.
And Soft block which forces them to unfollow you.
If you are active Twitter user you are most likely familiar to Block and Mute. But you might or might not have heard about Soft block. Because It’s not an official feature, soft block is not commonly known.
The procedure is quite simple, all you have to do is promptly block and unblock the user in question.

If the person doesn’t notice you’re not coming up in their feed anymore, you’re good. Else repeat.