Thursday, 19 January 2017

Change default Screenshot Save Location MacOS X

I take a lot of screenshots for different reasons. I keep some, post others on social media or I use them to illustrate my posts. The default save lcation is current users desktop, and you might find the desktop to be cluttered with the screenshot files rather quickly.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X

Save to location
⌘ Cmd + Shift + 3 - Entire screen
⌘ Cmd + Shift + 4 - Portion of the screen
⌘ Cmd + Shift + 4 then Space - Specific application window

Copy to clipbard
⌘ Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 3 - whole screen capture
⌘ Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 - selective capture
⌘ Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 Space - window screen capture

How to change default Screenshot Save Location

Press ⌘ Cmd + Space to open Spotlight and type terminal or, as I prefer, iTerm 2
$ mkdir $HOME/Documents/Screenshots
$ defaults write location $HOME/Documents/Screenshots/
$ killall SystemUIServer

You also might want to move all your existing screenshots from the desktop to your new folder.
$ mv $HOME/Desktop/Screen\ Shot\ *.png $HOME/Documents/Screenshots/.

Change the default screenshot file name

The default screenshot name is "Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.56.49.png"
[Name] [date] at [time].[type] You can only change the [Name] and [type]

$ defaults write name "Prefix Name"

Change the screenshot image type

By default, OS X saves screenshots as .png (or Portable Network Graphics) files. Valid formats: .bmp, .pdf, .jpg, .jp2, .tif, .pict, .tga and .png

$ defaults write type jpg